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I didn't like the rings and bracelets

3.0/ 5

This site sells the most terrible men’s rings and bracelets that I have ever seen. It seems that the company chooses the most unsuccessful models from all over the world and puts them on its website. Who is the head of the company? Who hates men so much? By the way, everything is fine with women’s and children’s models, standard normal jewelry. However, the category of goods for men disappointed me greatly and I can’t understand why this category is not given enough attention. The only thing I liked about the men’s category of goods is cufflinks. The prices of goods are not cheap, many models are overpriced. Although of course for women, this site can be useful, because my negative recommendation is only for men.

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I liked the company but…

4.0/ 5

At first, I liked shopping on the website of this company. I bought a lot of different products: rings, earrings, bracelets. I liked the quality and price, I liked the presence of well-known brands. But recently there was a situation that made me disappointed in this company. They did not accept the return of the goods, although the delay was only 1 day. I couldn’t send a refund earlier because I was on a business trip, but no one would listen to me. Robots work there, not people who do not know how to understand the client. I just wanted to return the ring because the size didn’t fit me. I was upset and said a lot of unnecessary things to the support service operator. I regret this, the guy is not to blame for anything, these are the rules of the company.

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1 Reviews

I love the children's jewelry selection

5.0/ 5

A great selection of jewelry for children! I’m thrilled! I’ve been looking for a long time to buy mono for my daughter’s birthday. I wanted to choose a piece of jewelry of good quality, but so that it would be childish in style. I am happy that I found this online store. Very interesting models of bracelets and even children’s rings. All products are made of high-quality materials at an affordable price. My daughter liked the gifts and now I want to buy something in this store for myself. What a pity that I didn’t pay attention to this company before. Excellent choice and very convenient conditions. By the way, as I found out, they have very good warranty conditions. I recommend this company and their online store.

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1 Reviews

I will likely order again

5.0/ 5

I’ve been familiar with this store for a long time. I bought a lot of products, but not online. I bought a ring in an online store for the first time, because for some reason I could not leave home for a long time. I thought it was risky: after all, there is no way to touch the ring, and see how it looks on the finger. I called the support service and found out a lot of important details. By the way, thanks to a girl named Amanda, she is very patient and helped me overcome my indecision. As a result, I bought a magnificent ring from the collection “Months of the Year”. I am very happy and now I can recommend the online store of that company. I even enjoyed shopping online. Time is greatly saved, and the parcel with the product is delivered on time within the agreed time frame.

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I bought a gift for my husband on Fred Meyer Jewelers

4.0/ 5

I bought a gift for my husband on this site. I saw on the company’s website exactly the kind of cufflinks he had been dreaming about for a long time. My husband was very happy with the gift and decided to buy a man’s ring on this site. The second experience was not so successful. We got a ring that didn’t look exactly like in the photo. When they called the support service, they didn’t answer anything specific. Further – even worse. One of the stones fell out and it took a very long time to explain to the support service that it was a manufacturing defect. As a result, we could not solve anything with the online store, we went to a normal store and our question was solved in 5 minutes. Conclusion: the company is good, but only when it comes to standard stores, not online trading.

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Fred Meyer Jewelers Reviews: Is Fred Meyer Jewelers Legit?

What is Fred Meyer Jewelers?

Fred Meyer Jewelers is one of the largest jewelry sellers in America. The company is also known in other countries of the world. To date, the company has more than 125 stores and an online store that is becoming more popular every day.

The company offers its customers products from the world’s leading brands and guarantees excellent quality.

The company employs only jewelers with higher education and extensive work experience, who always come to the aid of customers.

Many of the company’s employees are certified by the Diamond Council of America, so you can be sure of the quality of the information received from them.

For those customers who are new to choosing jewelry, the company has prepared a small online course in which it briefly reviews the products. This helps customers to find a boring piece of jewelry on the site in the shortest possible time.

The choice that the company offers is large and diverse. The company offers jewelry of different directions, diamond jewelry, and watches from famous world manufacturers. In addition, after the customer has made a purchase, the company helps in cleaning and caring for the products. Also, the company’s craftsmen carry out minor repairs for free.

Experts often write about the fact that the company manages to maintain a balance of price and quality well, even though expensive brands are sold in stores.

Another distinctive feature of the company is its active involvement in public and charitable activities. The company constantly assists various charitable organizations, sometimes financial assistance reaches up to 250 thousand dollars a year. A very big emphasis on the charity plan of the company is placed on helping children’s organizations.

The company also pays great attention to the ethical side of work. Diamonds that are used in jewelry must be mined in conflict-free zones, the company’s management always pays maximum attention to this issue.

The history of the company.

The company has a very extensive experience in the jewelry business. The company was founded a long time ago, in 1973. As soon as it appeared on the market, the company immediately became one of the most innovative. Innovations were present in everything: in the assortment, in marketing, and relation to customers.

The company’s first stores were located in Portland and Oregon. Then the company began to expand rapidly, and today there are stores all over the country.

In the 90s, the company bought Littman Jewelers, which had a very positive impact on the rating and allowed it to attract many new customers.

In 1998, the jewelry company became part of Kroger, one of the largest companies in America, which also pays great attention to charitable activities around the world. The activity of this company has been repeatedly noted by Forbes magazine.

At the moment, Fred Meyer Jewelers does not stop at the successes achieved. The company continues to develop actively and the online store plays a very important role in its development.

A lot of attention is paid to online sales today. The staff now employs many specialists who are directly engaged in online trading. In one of the interviews, a representative of the company noted that it is much more difficult to trade jewelry online than in a regular store. In a regular store, you can talk to the customer, the customer can touch the product and try it on.

However, on the Internet, customers think longer about whether to make a purchase or not. Even though we live in the age of technology, not everyone is ready to actively buy precious stones on the Internet. However, it is thanks to the online store that the company manages to successfully win customers at the international level.

Today, experts call Fred Meyer Jewelers one of the largest and fastest-growing jewelry companies in America. The company’s management states that the company is currently experiencing one of the most active periods of its development. Now it is most important to reach the world level and improve sales on the Internet.

Most customers speak positively about the company, and the company is constantly included in the list of the most popular jewelry stores in America.

Fred Meyer Jewelers Pros and Cons


  • A large selection of well-known brands
  • Optimal price-quality ratio
  • Guarantee the authenticity of the product
  • Extensive experience in the jewelry business
  • Professional staff
  • Good work of the support service


  • Some customers note the increase in prices for diamonds
  • Sometimes there are problems with delivery
  • Sometimes customers face difficulties when returning goods

Is Fred Meyer jewelry good?

Jewelry products of this company are presented in different categories: products for women, men, and children, gifts, watches, and wedding rings. Each of the categories is popular and has its characteristics. The site is very easy to use and in each category of products, you can easily choose what you need.

For example, the rings are also divided into categories:

  • Engagement
  • Diamond
  • Gemstone
  • Promise Rings

Also, the brand’s jewelry is divided by styles. Unfortunately, not all jewelry companies provide such a filter, because it is very convenient for customers. So, here are the most popular jewelry styles that the online store offers:

  • Amazing Value
  • Birthstone
  • Charms
  • Heart
  • Infinity
  • Initial Jewelry
  • New Arrivals
  • Plush
  • Religious

For example, Amazing Value is one of their most popular collections because this category presents very original designs at fairly low prices.

This is one of the most visited categories on the site. The category includes various jewelry items: rings, earrings, and bracelets. You can be sure of the quality of the diamonds that are presented in this collection, the quality is officially guaranteed and confirmed. In the comments, customers of the online store call this particular collection very successful.

A collection called Birthstone.

This jewelry collection presents very original rings, each of which corresponds to the name of the month of the year. According to the idea of jewelers, these rings are the perfect birthday gift. Indeed, this collection often makes the bestseller list.

The site also presents a category of jewelry of religious orientation. As a rule, these are crosses with diamonds. The products sell very well and get a lot of positive feedback. Buyers often write in the comments that the crosses are made of very high quality and the stones are well fixed.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the Hearts product category. Here are earrings and pendants, rings and bracelets created with the image of a heart. Diamonds are present in many models. Stones of good quality and processing. Also, customers speak positively about the design of products.

By the way, the category of children’s jewelry is well-represented on the site. On average, prices for children’s jewelry reach $ 500. The assortment includes rings, hairpins, and pendants. You will be able to choose products by many filters, such as material, price, and stone.

Is Fred Meyer jewelry good for Engagement rings?

The company pays a lot of attention to this category of jewelry. It’s no secret that this is one of the most popular categories in many jewelry stores. So, the category of engagement rings is divided into several directions:

  • Engagement Rings
  • Fancy Shapes
  • Promise Rings
  • Solitaire Rings
  • Three-Stone Rings
  • Wedding Sets

The prices for classic engagement rings with diamonds cannot be called cheap, there are expensive models.

Of course, the cost of the model depends on the weight of the diamond.

You can filter rings by cost material and stone.

The design of the rings is very diverse. In most cases, customers can find exactly what they were looking for on this site. If we talk about classic models, they are presented in different variations, from the classic ones. It is worth noting that the classics in the collections perfectly echo modern trends and the latest trends internationally.

In the Fancy Shapes category, buyers can find an incredible variety of diamond rings with interesting and unusual shapes. The designers have done a good job: even skeptics write that they are amazed by the variety and quality.

Indeed, the collection of engagement rings of this online store is very different from many competitors. The company’s executives say in interviews that they pay a lot of attention not only to quality but also to design.

By the way, the collection has recently been replenished with concise and inexpensive engagement rings. Very elegant models almost immediately hit the best-selling charts.

However, only female models are represented in this category of rings, there are no male models at the moment.

Is  Fred Meyer jewelry good for gifts?

Yes, the company’s online store offers a wide selection of gifts. We are talking about both gifts for women and gifts for men. For the convenience of customers, the gifts on the site are divided into themes and categories:

  • Anniversary Gifts
  • Birthstone
  • Bridal Party Gifts
  • Fathers Day Gifts
  • Gift Ideas For The Bride
  • Gift Ideas For The Groom
  • Graduation Gifts
  • Mother’s Day Gifts
  • Religious Jewelry

You can also choose the gift you need at the right price.

Anniversary gifts are currently the most popular category.

Here you can find almost all types of jewelry that are ideal as a gift for a birthday, wedding anniversary, and other significant dates. Most often, for wedding anniversaries, customers buy gifts made of gold, although the site presents a wide variety of metals. Not only diamonds are popular among stones.

Rubies and topaz are often bought as gifts. The quality of the stones is beyond doubt and you can read a lot of positive reviews about them on the web.

Is  Fred Meyer jewelry good for Men?

The company offers a good selection of jewelry for men. This category is constantly updated with new models of jewelry and accessories At the moment there are such categories of goods in this category:

  • Accessories
  • Bracelets
  • Chains
  • Necklaces
  • Rings

The most positive reviews about the rings. Indeed, men’s rings are a category in which not all companies manage to maintain a balance. Many experts say that choosing a good design for a man’s ring is much more difficult than the design for a woman’s.

In the category of Accessories for men, the site mainly presents cufflinks. The design is very different: from concise to very bright. There are some disadvantages in the category of bracelets for men. At least that’s what customers think. According to some buyers, there are few men’s bracelets on the site and their design does not differ in originality.

Some models even resemble some rings for women.

Fred Meyer jewelry Payments

The company offers convenient payment methods. So you can pay for your product as follows:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Fred Meyer Jewelers Platinum Preferred Credit Card
  • Littman Jewelers Platinum Preferred Credit Card
  • Gift Cards

The payment system on the site is constantly checked, and the security level is constantly monitored. All transactions on the site are laws. Clients write that there are practically no failures on the site. Technical support works very well because payment is usually fast and without problems.

Fred Meyer Jewelry Guarantee

The company’s jewelers will repair or replace any diamonds purchased from Fred Meyer for free if they are chipped, broken, or lost. This scheme works for purchases of up to $50,000.

Emeralds, opals, and pearls are not included in the warranty service.

To keep a Lifetime warranty on loss and damage, there is one important rule. According to that rule, you must bring your product to Fred Meyer jeweler every year for inspection. Upon completion of the inspection, the staff will update the inspection protocol and inform you about any maintenance and repair work required due to normal wear and tear.

The lifetime warranty does not apply to theft or loss of jewelry. Improper handling or modification, as well as contacting another jeweler, will void this warranty

Fred Meyer Jewelry Return Policy

You can return any item within 60 days from the date of purchase. Online purchases can be returned to the online store or any of the company’s regular stores. Watches in absolutely original condition (not worn) can be returned within 30 days from the date of placing the order.

Attention! It is very important to pay attention to the fact that 30 days are reported from placing an order and not receiving the goods.

The returned product must have an invoice and a certificate, if you have lost the certificate, the fee for replacing the certificate is 200, 00 US dollars.

The online store does not allow the exchange of goods. This also applies to the size. Exchanges are made only in the company’s regular stores.

The ring calibration fee and/or shipping cost are non-refundable.

For the company’s employees to process a request for a refund of your online purchase, click on the Order Status link / Return at the bottom of any page, then follow the instructions on the website.

Fred Meyer jewelry customer service

The support service of this company works great.

Only professionals are recruited into the team of service operators. You can call by phone, write an email, and write a message in a chat on the page of the online store. However, in this chat, an automaton programmed to answer the most common questions will communicate with you.

So, support service contacts:

1-800-342-6663. You can write an email using a special form on the “Contacts” page.

Q How can I track my order?

If you placed an order by logging into your account at fredmeyerjewelers.com, you can track the order through your account.
The tracking number will be available if your order is in the status "Shipped" or "Completed".
If you have placed an order using Guest Checkout, you will be provided with your tracking number, the number will be sent to your email.

Q How do I change or cancel my order?

The order cannot be canceled.