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Poor support services

3.0/ 5

I was made to order a completely different ring that I wanted. I had several wishes for jewelers. I not only made an application, I additionally communicated with the support service representatives and explained every detail to them in detail. I don’t know what went wrong, but the ring I received only vaguely resembled my order. The stone was not located in the place I wanted it to be. The shade of the ring was also different, not like in the photo. The support service told me that there is a preview function on the site and I had to look there. Are you laughing at me? Do you think I didn’t look at the preview of the ring for 4 thousand dollars? I do not recommend this company.

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I especially liked the classic

4.0/ 5

I liked some of the rings on the website of this company. But the thematic collections seemed a little out of place. Are there men who wear such models? Why was it necessary to create a basketball collection and an Army collection? Do you think a real general will buy himself such a ring? Or imagine such a situation: a serious company manager comes in a ring with a team logo. I may be wrong, but this is my opinion that I have the right to express. The rest of the collections are very good, I especially liked the classic, I bought two models. The quality of the materials also suits me, especially the variety of choices is impressive. There were no problems with delivery and payment. A good company with great prospects in the future.

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1 Reviews

Brand has many advantages

4.0/ 5

This brand has many advantages. I’m talking about it as a professional because my father was engaged in jewelry and taught me a lot. I can easily distinguish a quality product from a low-quality one, I can easily see a fake or just a poor job of a jeweler. Unfortunately, today many companies in America make beautiful advertising but sell bad goods to customers. This brand pleasantly surprised me with the quality of the rings and the variety of models. In addition, they handle diamonds very carefully and work superbly with them: real masters. Nevertheless, this company also has a minus. For me, the downside was communication with the support service. They probably thought I was too smart and confused them with jewelry terminology. The girl could not answer my questions about diamonds and I realized that the support service is not professional.

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1 Reviews

Best quality brand

5.0/ 5

I liked the ring I bought. I can even say that the result exceeded my expectations. When I ordered the ring, I was a little skeptical: in the photo, the quality of the ring seemed normal to me, but not great. I just decided to try different online stores and see which one is right for me. I made orders in three online stores and I was satisfied only with the ring of this brand. Moreover, I bought rings made of the same material, it was titanium. This brand has the best quality. I can’t say that this site is very cheap. But very cheap sites, as a rule, sell bad products, I am sure of that. I recommend this brand. Good job.

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1 Reviews

Manly Bands Reviews

5.0/ 5

I’ve never worn a ring before. I was sure that rings and all jewelry are only for women. That was before I went to the website of this brand. The models perfectly convey the masculine mood, the style is very laconic and masculine. Some rings can go with any costume and for any occasion. Frankly speaking, I didn’t dare to buy a ring for a long time. Stereotypes, complexes, all this stopped me. My wife helped: she ordered the ring without my knowledge and reported it when she received the goods. I was thrilled! I received a magnificent ring made of Damascus steel. This ring perfectly harmonizes with both business suits and casual styles.

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Manly Bands Reviews: Is Manly Bands Legit and Trustworthy?

What is Manly Bands?

In recent years, men’s jewelry fashion has been developing rapidly. One of the most striking examples is the company Manly Bands, which produces and sells a variety of rings for men.

The history of the creation of this brand began with the wedding of John and Michelle, who later became the owners of Manly Bands.

The fact is that young people could not find a good man’s ring for their wedding. They toured dozens of stores in different states but did not find anything that John liked. After that, the couple decided on the most important activities in their lives:

John and Michelle quit their jobs and started creating their brand for the production of men’s rings.

Michelle said in an interview:

“We realized that unfortunately, men’s jewelry fashion is developing too slowly. We realized that there are a lot of people like us who can’t find a good ring. That’s why we decided to create a brand that will allow people to buy high-quality and affordable men’s rings of different styles and directions,”

She also often says that one of the main directions in the company’s work remains the policy of reasonable prices.

“We want every man to be able to buy our rings, not just the one with a high salary,”

The big business of a married couple started with a small garage. It was in a small garage that the couple started their small, but very promising jewelry business, which is now known in many countries of the world.

Michelle is an actress by profession. Therefore, she approached the creation of each model with artistic inspiration, each ring for her was an important factor in the play.

Michelle and John’s parents also joined the business, helping to make beautiful birch jewelry boxes and write letters of thanks to customers.

John said in an interview that:

“Each of our clients is like a family member to us. We want our products to bring joy, so each ring is created with great love.”

The official date of the company’s foundation is considered 2016. Since then, nothing has changed about customers: every customer is still very important to the company, even though production volumes have increased tenfold.

To date, the company employs jewelers, designers, advertising managers, and social media managers. Experts often say that this company is a very bright and positive example of the development of a family business from scratch.

Indeed, the development plan of this company is sometimes even discussed with students in economics lessons.

At the same time, John says that there was no sour plan:

“We just tried to make beautiful jewelry for men and fill the niche that remained poorly developed.”

To date, the company is proud of the excellent selection of materials and designs of men’s rings. Particularly strong attention is paid to quality. According to the company’s representatives, the competition is increasing every year.

New companies are being formed that also want to work in this direction, and also offer high-quality products. Therefore, we have to constantly improve our work, otherwise mono will remain at the bottom of the rating.

Today, the company’s founders Jonathan Ruggiero and Michelle Luchese are among the most successful businessmen in America. Not every jewelry company conducts its online business as successfully as this couple.

John and Michelle do not hide that they resorted to the help of technology specialists in the development of the site. The main task when creating the site was to simplify the purchase process.

“The buyer should not see unnecessary information on the site, but only what will help him choose a ring faster and more efficiently,” says John.

The company pays great attention to technical aspects to ensure that the site complies with the latest updates and technologies.

Manly Bands Pros and Cons

Pros of Manly Bands:

  • Individual approach to each ring and client
  • User-friendly website interface
  • very affordable prices
  • High-quality materials
  • Quick work to order

Cons of Manly Bands:

  • A small selection of dinosaur bone rings
  • Sometimes there are delivery delays

Manly Bands Materials

The company offers an incredibly wide range of materials. Each material undergoes dozens of quality control tests before entering production. Among American jewelers, this brand is known as the most quality-conscious.

To date, rings made of such materials are presented:

  • Gold
  • Gold Plated
  • Wood
  • Antler
  • Damascus steel
  • Meteorite
  • Black Zirconium
  • Cobalt Chrome
  • Tungsten
  • Titanium
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Cerakote
  • Dinosaur Bone
  • Silicone

This brand also offers men’s diamond rings.

Each of their ring categories was created by a group of jewelers who were looking for the optimal balance between material and style. Representatives of the company say that sometimes it is difficult to create a unique and high-quality design from some materials.

One example of their unique material is wood. Hundreds of models have already been created from wood!

How to make it look unique and appeal to customers? Nevertheless, today the site offers more than 80 unique models of rings with wood. Almost every one of these models is rated 5 stars by buyers.

The company’s jewelers often say that they try to emphasize the individuality of each ring with the help of insignificant, but very spectacular details. This works very well with rings made of Damascus steel. It is known that in recent years, Damascus steel has become one of the most popular materials in men’s jewelry.

One of the most popular models of this brand is the Washington model. The design of this ring is actively discussed on social networks and jewelry forums. Of course, the design is unusual and not suitable for every man, but judging by the popularity, the jewelers made the right choice in favor of extravagance.

The company also offers very interesting and original Meteorite models.

Not everyone likes rings made of this material, but undoubtedly this category of goods has many fans. Meteorite rings are very different in their strict and concise design, these rings are more often preferred by older men.

Take note that as of lately, there are very few models from this material on the site. This is due to the high popularity of the product or, conversely, the lack of demand – the company’s analysts do not comment.

Rings made of black zirconium have been gaining popularity in recent months. Previously, rings made of this material were in the middle of popularity.

However, recently the situation has changed, and experts attribute this to some fashion trends from celebrities. A lot of Hollywood and Italian actors have recently preferred rings made of this material.

Dinosaur bone rings are always in fashion. Many buyers often have a question:

“Do jewelers use real dinosaur bones in production?”

The company’s specialists guarantee that they use only natural materials.

“We use natural, but very small bones that cannot be used for exhibitions in museums. The material is one hundred percent natural, we never deceive our customers,”

says the co-owner of the company Michelle.

Also, of course, it is worth noting the brand’s rings use diamonds. Prices for this category of rings cannot be called cheap, the price of some models exceeds five thousand dollars. At the same time, you can see a lot of positive reviews online.

There are no complaints that the stones fall out of the ring or do not hold well. In general, there are practically no complaints about the quality.

Manly Bands Collections

Designers, jewelers, and managers of the company worked very long and responsibly on the development of collections.

According to the founders of the brand, it is very important to divide the goods for the collection correctly and honestly, as this significantly increases demand.

Manly Bands Jewelry Licensed Collection:

  • The US Army Collection
  • The DC™ Collection
  • The Fender Collection
  • The Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel Collection
  • The MLB Collection
  • Lord of the Rings Collection

Manly Bands Jewelry Collection:

  • The Founder’s Collection
  • The Gentleman’s Reserve Collection
  • The Couples Collection
  • The Best Couples Match
  • The Golden Reserve Collection
  • Just Classics
  • The Creative Collection

As you can see, the collections of this brand are very different from many competitors in their creative approach and personalization.

Manly Bands’ The US Army Collection

The US Army Collection is one of the most fashionable today. Of course, as with any other collection, it is also fashionable to hear criticism of these products. But there are more positive reviews than negative ones.

Manly Bands' The US Army Collection: The Lieutenant made from Black Zirconium, The General made from Titanium, and The Soldier made from Carbon Fiber.

A model from this collection called “Lieutenant” with black zirconium has become very popular. Frankly speaking, this happened contrary to the expectations of the designers: they expected that a model called “General” using titanium would come out on top of the popularity of the rings.

Three Manly Bands’ jewelry The US Army Collection Models

Generally, there are three models in this collection:

  • Lieutenant
  • Soldier
  • General

The collection has received a lot of positive feedback from customers. Nevertheless, these rings have a downside: these models are not shipped outside of America. This collection is officially created and licensed with the assistance of the US Army.

Manly Bands’ The MLB Collection

Another unique collection from the brand is The MLB Collection.

This is an incredibly fashionable and popular collection from which you can buy a ring dedicated to your favorite team!

This idea was discussed a lot by world-class experts and many called the idea of creating such a collection brilliant!

Indeed, this collection has greatly raised and improved the company’s image and has become one of the main reasons for the sharp increase in the rating. As you know, there are a lot of basketball fans in America.

On the website, you can choose rings by topic: American League and National League. These rings do not go out of fashion and the popularity of these models continues to grow.

The company also offers a magnificent classic collection. The collection was created quite a long time ago. The fact is that jewelers did not want to create an ordinary collection that would go to the work of competitors. As a result, the designers and jewelers of the company turned out to have a spectacular, elegant collection.

At the moment there are about forty models in the collection. Each of the models is unique in its way and attracts the attention of a different contingent of buyers. Each model from the collection has a specific name that reflects the mood and image of a particular ring.

Experts speak positively about this collection. Many call the collection an ideal example of balance.

A Creative collection is a kind of experiment. Many analysts assumed that this collection was too bold and would not become popular. but they were wrong. Models from this collection have become very popular in a fairly short time.

In general, this company offers a very bright assortment of different collections designed for different tastes, different age categories, and styles.

You can watch Manly Band’s video on their 10 Best Black Rings from their collection.

Is Manly Bands good for engagement rings?


Last time more and more attention has been paid to the direction of wedding and engagement rings in men’s fashion. A few years ago, this topic was not so relevant. However, now more and more men prefer bright, unusual, individual rings.

For an engagement, men very often choose diamond rings from this brand. Despite the popularity of gold, analysts note that men increasingly prefer other metals.

Do Manly Bands accept customer requests for custom rings or jewelry?

Yes. The company allows customers to create a ring according to their design.

You can experiment with the model, stones, and materials. You’ll be surprised to know that recently it is custom rings that are becoming more and more popular. After all, by experimenting with the combination you can emphasize style and individuality.

Creating your ring is very easy. The website describes in detail the instructions on how to do this. If you don’t have your ideas, but you want something original, then you can get acquainted with the ideas of jewelers.

The site has an extensive list of styles and materials.

With the help of special filters, you can also adjust the width of the ring, not all companies have this filter. So, after you have chosen the style, material, and stones, you will be able to look at the result.

On the web page, you will be offered a very realistic preview of the ring you created. The duration of the work will depend on the complexity of the order and the availability of materials.

Manly Bands for International Customers

At the moment, the company is actively developing its international activities. Over the past two years, this activity has intensified and has almost tripled. Of course, the company has taken many steps to attract foreign customers.

One of these steps is to have international delivery free of charge.

Jewelry companies rarely provide such a service. In addition, the company ships Duty-free to European Union countries. The company takes great care of its international customers at every moment.

Manly Bands customers are offered a very convenient table with the conversion of the size of the rings.

Analysts note that the number of foreign clients of the company is also increasing due to active advertising campaigns abroad.

Manly Bands Financing Options

The company offers two simple and affordable financing options: They are a partner of Bread company which offers several payment options with interest rates.

The option to select this program is available on all product pages. The loan programs offered by the company are changing and being supplemented, therefore, for the most up-to-date information, you should contact the support service to clarify the terms of lending at the moment.

Often the rates range from 0% to 29, 99% per annum, so you can divide the payment, for instance, into three equal payments.

The company also offers customers an option – through Shop Pay, which allows you to divide the payment into 4 parts.

Manly Bands Refund and Return Policy

You can return or exchange the ring within 30 days of delivery.

Each refund will be charged an amount of $30. Before sending back the goods, be sure to contact the support service to clarify the rules of sending.

Manly Bands Jewelry Customer Service

The company’s support service is working very well. For many years, the company’s management has been paying a lot of attention to this particular area of work.

You can contact support representatives using an interactive chat, it’s convenient and fast!

You can also write a letter to hello@manlybands.com or call the phone number 877-250-9500. As a rule, your email will be answered within 24 hours.

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook, YouTube, and X (formerly Twitter) for fresh content from Manly Bands.

Q What does the Manly Bands ring warranty cover?

The company offers a lifetime limited warranty on the rings. You just pay for delivery in both directions. Most of the usual repairs during your tenure are free of charge.

Q Do you offer quarter sizes?

Only for some models. This is additionally reported on the product page.

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