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Human factor is part of having a company

4.0/ 5

On the one hand, I can say a lot of good things about this company. Excellent selection and a variety of designs. I like everything. On the other hand, I was very upset by the situation that happened with the return of the bracelet. I received the product and saw a manufacturing defect in it. One link held very weakly. Of course, I called the support service and began to explain the situation. I had to prove for a very long time that the product had a manufacturing defect and they did not want to accept a refund because a lot of time had passed since the day the goods were received. I had reasons why I couldn’t call earlier, but they didn’t believe me. Of course, you need to follow the rules. But there is also a human factor, do not forget about it.

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They gave me a gift!

5.0/ 5

I received a ring from this brand as a gift. I’m thrilled! Incredible design! I was surprised that I liked the ring so much because I used to prefer more restrained and concise models! After I received the ring as a gift, I began to buy products on this site myself. Today I bought 4 rings and was not disappointed in any of them. I like the style! My mood improves when I put on these rings! Now I plan to move to the category of bracelets. I wonder if I’ll like it. I read in the comments that locks do not break and bracelets are durable. I’m going to check it out. I would also like to thank their support service Jake who helped solve the problems with my debit card.

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1 Reviews

I love this company they can still be better by…

4.0/ 5

This is a very good company that sells high-quality jewelry. There are no complaints about quality, no complaints about prices. There are claims to the style, which has not changed for years. You write in the advertisement that you have created a new collection, but upon closer examination, it turns out that it is not new at all. Write down that your models are unique, but I see that this is a replica and that I am fond of jewelry and know very well some models of more famous brands. The fact is that I follow all the new products and can well distinguish even the smallest detail that was borrowed from another brand. If the company’s designers had worked on their unique models, I think sales would have been much better.

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1 Reviews

I love my ring so much

5.0/ 5

I bought several products on the website, including a pendant with the image of the zodiac sign. I liked the pendant, but it took me a long time to get used to the ring I bought. At first, this ring seemed too bright to me. It always seemed to me that I couldn’t wear it with dresses of my style. The fact is that I often prefer a business style and this ring was not in harmony with it. You ask me, why did I buy it? The answer is simple: I just liked this ring. So, I couldn’t get used to this ring for a few weeks, but then I suddenly fell in love with it and now I wear it all the time. There are no complaints about the quality, delivery and support service are also at the highest level.

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1 Reviews

Style of this jewelry remained somewhere in 2013

3.0/ 5

It seems to me that the style of this jewelry remained somewhere in 2013. I may be wrong, but no one will forbid me to express my opinion. The popularity of this company is due only to very strong and thoughtful advertising. I respect the owner of this brand, she very competently solved the issues with PR and using social networks. The products of this company are simple, without individuality, and sometimes very bright. I want to applaud the management team of this company. But I will never advise anyone to shop on this site. Because the same products can be bought in any small shop at a price twice cheaper.

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2023 Missoma Reviews: Is Missoma Legit and Worth It?

What is Missoma?

This company is based in London and has been one of the brightest representatives of the jewelry business for many years. It’s no secret that today there are hundreds of companies in the jewelry market that offer a large assortment. But only some brands manage to become truly unique and memorable.

Missoma jewlery's homepage banner freaturing new season hoops. there are three pairs of gold hoop earrings on a wire.

The company has been operating since 2008. This brand is a pioneer in the formation of the demi-fine style. The designers of the company independently develop jewelry without resorting to the help of third-party specialists. All the products that the company sells are created in a unique style. These products are popular in more than 200 countries around the world. Many retailers dream of working with this brand.

The quality of the jewelry of this company is beyond doubt. Many experts call the company a “champion of self-expression” because this brand’s product helps emphasize individual human traits. The company’s designers manage to perfectly understand the mood of each age category of their customers, which is why the company has so many customers.

The company’s work is based on creativity and innovation. The company has never adhered to the classical rules but, on the contrary, violated them. The company was the first to create a new style that lies between sophistication and cutting-edge fashion; now in the jewelry world, this style is called demi-fine. This direction is associated with this company by most customers in the world.

In the main lines, the company presents silver jewelry, gold-plated products, semi-precious stones are used, and gold is used in one of the collections. The company also sells many interesting additional accessories.

Missoma's jewelry categories. There are four panels. The first category is necklaces with a photo of a woman wearing a Missoma necklace. The second panel is Missoma's Icon collection. It shows a coin necklace. The third panel features Missoma's AW'23 Glamour collection. Last panel features the gemstones category. There are three necklaces with gemstone necklaces.

Many customers have questions about the materials. How good are they? Representatives of the company assure that there is no cause for concern: all metals are selected with increased responsibility, and the quality is monitored and tested several times.

What is the history of Missoma jewelry?

The reputation of this brand is impeccable. In the entire history of its existence, the company has not been involved in any scandal or any history of fraud.

Many experts believe that this is the merit of the founder and owner of the brand, Marisa Hordern. Marisa decided to create a company together with her mother and sister. Marisa convinced her relatives that starting a business from scratch is exciting and interesting. She believed in success so much that her relatives supported her.

Jewelry was Marisa’s childhood passion and dream. Even as a little girl, she dreamed that she would grow up and start creating and selling beautiful earrings and rings. Marisa could look at precious stones for a long time and fantasize about what jewelry could turn out with them.

So, in 2007, Marisa quit her job and devoted all her time and money to creating her brand. She understood how much competition there was in this area. Many tried to dissuade the woman from the idea, but she took a chance and turned out to be right.

But success did not come without difficulty. Hordern spent a lot of time and effort studying the optimization of pricing, the basics of advertising, and the popularization of the company on social networks.

As a result, she managed to find the perfect balance, and the popularity of the company began to grow. At first, the company was popular only in England, then the popularity began to spread to other countries. The company began to experience the peak of popularity 10 years after its foundation, in 2018.

A distinctive feature of the jewelry of this brand is undoubtedly layering. At first, not everyone liked it. Adherents of the classics were especially opposed to the new direction. However, gradually the brand managed to win the hearts of jewelry lovers.

Missoma posted some photos of celebrities that used their jewelry. Some celebrities featured are Kendall Jenner, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and Gemma Chan.

Today the brand is very popular among celebrities. The jewelry of this company is worn by Gigi Hadid and even representatives of the royal family. The company plans further steps regarding the expansion of the range and always tries to meet the wishes of customers. Most customers from Britain rate the brand 5 stars out of five.

Missoma Reviews: Pros and Cons

Pros of Missoma:

  • Jewelry is original and unusual
  • The products of this brand always correspond to fashion trends
  • Affordable prices
  • High-quality materials and stones
  • Excellent work of the support service
  • The company cares about the environment and promotes waste-free production

Cons of Missoma:

  • Jewelry of this brand requires the most careful attitude
  • Sometimes there are delays in delivery

Missoma Reviews: Is Missoma’s jewelry good?

Yes, the jewelry of this brand is liked by a lot of customers. Despite the unusual design and bright orientation of the product found its buyer. The site has very convenient filters thanks to which the client can quickly find exactly what he needs. The company offers many directions of jewelry:

  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Anklets
  • Charms & Pendants
  • Layered Jewelry Sets
  • Engravable Jewelry
  • Men’s

What is Missoma’s Jewelry Ring Collection

Each of the categories is constantly updated and expanded. Most of the bestsellers at the moment are in the “Rings” category.

At a very reasonable price, you can choose different original models. The company offers a good range of materials and stones.

Of the stones, the following options are available for today:

  • Chalcedony
  • Diamond
  • Labradorite
  • Malachite
  • Moonstone
  • Onyx
  • Pearl
  • Quartz
  • Sapphire
  • Tiger”s Eye

Many customers are interested in the quality of diamond rings. After all, diamonds are not the main focus of this company.

Jewelry with diamonds, this brand is usually accompanied by gold. This is especially true for stones. Diamonds are purchased only from conflict-free zones, and the company guarantees high quality and impeccable characteristics. There are also models made of Recycled Gold, they are also very popular, especially complete with diamonds.

By the way, customers often write on social networks that they want to see more diamond models and more gold models on the site. The company’s management always listens to the opinions of customers, therefore, replenishment of this category of goods is expected soon.

It should be noted that recently the popularity of jewelry with engravings has also been growing. As a rule, these are gold pendants, sometimes earrings. The category has become more popular several times over the past few months.

In general, the jewelry that the company offers is very diverse. Designers perfectly manage to balance traditional and fashionable models. The reviews about the jewelry of this company are very good.

What are Missoma’s jewelry collections and collaborations?

The company offers a variety of jewelry collections. These collections are designed for different tastes and different age categories. For example, at the moment the company offers such collections:

  • Missoma Icons
  • AW23: The Glamour Collection
  • Hoop Earrings
  • Bridal Jewellery
  • Gemstone Jewellery
  • Personalised Jewellery

For example, the Missoma Icons collection is very popular among young people. The peak of popularity of this collection was reached at the end of 2021. These products are very bright and perfectly emphasize individuality.

In this mono collection, you can find very different products that many customers call iconic. There is everything here, from key chains with claws to pendants with coins and plump hoops – these are the most iconic products. The design of this particular collection is very often and actively discussed on social networks.

What is Missoma Jewelry’s AW’23 Glamour Collection?

Another very popular collection is the AW23: The Glamour Collection. This is a new collection, but it has become popular rapidly. Here it is fashionable to see unique retro-style flower power, neon hoops, earrings, and beaded bracelets. Pearl necklaces are especially popular.

Some jewelry in Missoma's AW'23 Glamour Collection. The three jewelry in the photo are as follows: Articulated reversible beaded stone drop pendant necklace made of 18ct gold plated vermeil, cubic zirconia, articulated beaded waterfall stud earrings made of 18ct gold plated vermiel, and ridge heart charm necklace made of 18ct gold plated.

By the way, some critics initially did not speak very well about this collection, calling it “too diverse”.

Nevertheless, the company’s customers liked such jewelry very much, and immediately took a place on the bestseller list.

Have a look at this video made by Missoma feature the AW’23 Glamour Collection starring Mia Regan.

Missoma Jewelry Collaborations

Missoma collaborated with a couple of artists and creatives to come up with new and unique pieces of jewelry. It is a good way to introduce new talents, elevate the brand’s awareness, and give people a wide range of jewelry.

Missoma & Lucy Williams Jewellery Collaboration

Missoma collaborated with the fashion influencer and blogger Lucy Williams to create different pieces of jewelry including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Three jewelry from Missoma's Lucy Williams collaboration collection. The first jewelry is named Lucy Williams medium engravable roman arc coin necklace made of 18ct gold plated, the middle jewelry is Lucy Williams chunky entwine mini hoop earrings made of mixed metal, the last jewelry is a necklace named Lucy Williams square mother of pearl necklace made of 18ct gold plated vermeil, mother of pearl.

Personally, this collection features variations and designs using squares and circles with stones like malachite, zirconia, and onyx to name a few. The metals used 18 ct gold plated necklaces, and sterling silver for their earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Three jewelry from Missoma's Lucy Williams collaboration collection. The first jewelry is named Lucy Williams Byzantine coin pendant necklace, the middle necklace is Lucy Williams tiny horn necklace made of 18ct gold plated vermeil, the last jewelry is a necklace named Lucy Williams engravable fortuna arc coin pendant necklace.

Some of their best-selling pieces are coin necklaces, malachite jewelry, and retro-inspired hoops.

Missoma & Harris Reed Jewellery Collaboration

Harris Reed is a famous London-based fashion designer who is known for gender-fluid designs. I find this collection unique but elegant. You can see some pieces with beaded gemstones. Especially unique are jewelry pieces titled “Harris Reed In Good Hands” design.

Three jewelry from Missoma's Harris Reed collaboration collection. The first jewelry is named Harris Reed In Good Hands beaded gemstone necklace made of 18ct gold plated, multi green gemstone & pearl, the middle necklace is Harris Reed In Good Hands drop pendant necklace made of 18ct gold plated, pearl and black onyx, the last jewelry is a bracelet named Harris reed In Good Hands beaded gemstone bracelet made of 18ct gold plated, multi green gemstone & pearl.

This collaboration collection is truly bold, elective pieces that show Harris Reed’s unique style.

Three jewelry from Missoma's Harris Reed collaboration collection. The first jewelry is named Harris Reed In Good Hands pearl pendant necklace, the middle jewelry is a pair of earrings named is Harris Reed cresent moon pearl earrings made of 18ct gold plated vermeil pearl., the last jewelry is a necklace named Harris Reed handpicked double chain pendant necklace worn by a woman model.

Missoma & Savi Jewellery Collection Collaboration

This collection is a collaboration between SAVI, a Chinese fashion influencer. In this collaboration, 31 pieces of jewelry were featured. Each piece is made with recycled metals and is responsibly sourced, and handcrafted gemstones.

Three jewelry from Missoma's SAVI collaboration collection. The first jewelry is named Savi Ridge oval gemstone pendant necklace, the middle jewelry is a nekclace named is Savi sculptural droplet pendant necklace made of 18ct gold plated vermeil., the last jewelry is a pair of earrings named Savi mini dome huggies made of 18ct gold plated vermeil.

This collection is also unique and stylish and I’m sure that there’s a piece that everyone will love. Whether you are looking for a statement piece or something more simple, you’re sure to find something that you love in this collection.

Three jewelry from Missoma's SAVI collaboration collection. The first jewelry is named Savi dome cuff stud earrings made of 18ct gold plated, the middle jewelry is a pair of earrings named Savi gemstone charm mini hoop earrings made of 18ct gold plated vermeil, red chalcedony., the last jewelry is a bracelet named Savi pearl & gemstone beaded bracelet made of 18ct gold plated multi.

Missoma Reviews: Is Missoma good for men’s jewelry?

Missoma’s men’s collection that the company offers is very diverse, for example, there are many massive chains, mixed metals, bracelets, rings, and necklaces with precious stones in the assortment. There are very interesting options that men of different ages may like.

It is worth noting that the creation of the men’s collection in the company was approached with the greatest responsibility. Since the owner of the company is a woman, at first she needed assistants to feel the male needs in the jewelry market well.

The owner of the company made her mini-study in which she found out what exactly men are interested in, which areas are successful and which are not.

Based on the results, he began communicating and developing models with designers. As you know, men’s jewelry fashion is developing rapidly and every year there are more and more competitors. Despite this, the men’s jewelry of this company looks very original and the demand for them does not fall.

Missoma says that the secret to success is an individual approach to each product and each customer.

Missoma Revies: Is Missoma good for accessories?

In addition to a variety of jewelry, the company offers its customers a lot of accessories. Now the list of accessories offered looks like this:

  • Sunglasses
  • Eyewear Chains
  • Jewelry Storage
  • Vases
  • Chain Belts
  • Hair Clips

Today, many jewelry companies add gifts and accessories to the list of categories. However, unfortunately, not everyone manages to fully develop this direction. This company is still coping well with the development of this category of goods. The assortment cannot be called very large, but the variety satisfies the needs of most customers

At the same time, there are also small flaws: customers are asked to add more models of glasses and jewelry boxes to accessories. According to representatives of the company, this category of goods will be constantly expanded based on the wishes of customers.

What is Missoma’s information about payments?

The company has developed a standard and very convenient payment system with which you can use almost any card. Visa and Master debit and credit cards are accepted for payment. Also, you can easily pay for your purchase using Google Play and Apple Pay applications.

Does Missoma accept installment payments?

You can also use their Klarna service. Before using the Klarna installment payment system, the company’s representatives advise customers to think carefully. The buyer must be confident in his ability to make a monthly payment.

To use this payment method, you need to select it on the website, then Enter some personal details and you’ll know instantly if your purchase has been approved. After that, Klarna will send you an e-mail with detailed information about the payment date.

Missoma Delivery

If we talk about delivery in America, the delivery time is from 3 to five days.

Delivery of goods purchased with an engraving or a monogram will take 7-10 days. All delivery times do not include public holidays in the UK. Standard shipping is free Premium shipping is free when it comes to orders over $1,000. In other countries of the world, the standard shipping fee is currently $ 15.

Attention! The cost may vary, follow the latest information on the company’s website. Delivery to Europe takes up to 10 days, the cost is about 8 Euros. The cost may be higher if we talk about express delivery or other parcels.

Important! Recently, shipping to Portugal has been suspended. The resumption of deliveries to this country will be announced on the website additionally.

Missoma Jewelry’s Return Policy

The company allows the return of goods and receiving money back. This process is allowed with full compliance with the return rules that are described on the website. Returns from outside the UK and the US may incur a refund fee. This cost is calculated on our refund portal.

The company can accept the return of goods only if they were sent back unworn and in the original packaging. Items with an engraving are non-refundable. The exception is those goods that you received with a manufacturing defect and the company’s specialists confirmed the presence of this defect.

In addition, the return of goods purchased from suppliers is not accepted, and all purchases must be returned directly to them.

Missoma Jewelry’s Customer Service

The support service of this company works at the highest level. The company’s clients often write about this and rate the work of the support service very highly. The company’s representatives try to answer customers’ questions as quickly and clearly as possible and solve problems.

You can contact the support service with the following details:

Missoma is available for support Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm GMT.

You can also have a chat with Goldie their virtual consultant in an interactive chat.

Missoma Jewelry’s Social Media Accounts and Blog

Missoma’s online presence is not limited to its online store. They also have a blog named “The Chain” where you can find different helpful articles and updates about jewelry and the company.

The Chain, Missoma's blog showing four aritlces. The first article is titled, "Behind the scenes: meet the creatives behind our FW'23 campaign", the next article is titled, "One nightstand: Monica Heisey", the third article is titled, "How to clean: Sterling silver jewelry," and lastly, the last article is entitled, "The October birthstone edit."

You can also check their Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts.

Q Is Missoma a luxury?

The level of this company is much higher than average. Many in the UK call this brand one of the most famous in the country. Many people began to call the company a Luxury brand after Meghan Markle began to wear the products.

Q Is Missoma London real gold?

Yes, the company uses real gold in 18 and 14 carats.