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This company is doing well but it can still improve

4.0/ 5

If the company is doing well, then all areas should be equally well developed. Unfortunately, this online store does not manage to keep the proportions. For example, there are very few beautiful bracelets. There are bracelets, but there are very few high-quality and stylish ones. I do not know whose fault it is. Maybe, managers and designers are to blame. But neither I nor my friends found any good bracelets on the site. I note that I liked the choice more in the regular stores of this company. I believe that this company is more successful in regular trading than in the Internet business. If you compare the visit to their regular store and the Internet site, then the usual store is a level higher, besides there is an opportunity to talk with consultants and try on the product.

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I think we will be regular customers

5.0/ 5

I was struck by the incredible selection of products that the online store offers. To be honest, I liked the online store even more than the usual exhibition halls. No one is in a hurry, you can safely choose a product, and if you have any questions, you can ask a question to a support representative. I am very pleased and surprised by how well the work is built. On many jewelry websites, I noticed that the interface is not very convenient, there is a lot of unnecessary information. There is no such thing here. I have already bought some jewelry, soon my brother will buy an engagement ring for his bride on this site. I also think that we will be regular customers of this company because experienced and reliable people work here.

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1 Reviews

A mid level company but great support service

3.0/ 5

This is a mid-level company. The only thing I liked was the support service, polite specialists, and quick answers to questions. Otherwise, I consider this store to be ordinary. I don’t understand those who write enthusiastic comments. What excites you? The fact that they resell jewelry of other brands? For example, I didn’t like anything at all from their products. Their merit is only that they sell well and treat customers well. Judging by my experience, there are many shops much better than the one where the choice is much more interesting. In addition, the interface of the site is not very convenient. It takes a long time to find what you need, and a lot of unnecessary information.

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1 Reviews

Best online store ever

5.0/ 5

For the first time, I learned about this company from my brother. I saw a bright ring on his finger and asked where he bought it. My brother is a jewelry lover, well versed in precious metals and stones. In other words, if my brother purchased something from a particular company, then I can also safely make a purchase there. So, I decided to see what is on this site for women. I was delighted! But most of all I liked not the rings, but the necklaces. These necklaces are so exquisite, so fashionable! And the prices are very affordable. I think that today it is one of the best online stores, I can safely recommend it to friends.

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1 Reviews

Good selection of jewelry, but prices are too high

4.0/ 5

I don’t even know how to properly evaluate this company On the one hand, a very good selection of jewelry and brands. On the other hand, the prices of some goods seem to me too high, for example, rings. Rings of similar design and quality are sold cheaper on some sites. I’m not talking about collections, especially thematic and exclusive ones. The price is justified there. But when it comes to traditional standard models, I do not agree with some prices. In addition, when buying in an online store, the company makes few or no discounts at all. Why? This way you will force online buyers to turn to other sites where they will be happy to get discounts.

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 What is REEDS?

REEDS is a company with an interesting history, a lot of experience, and an excellent rating. The company was founded in 1946 and since then has made a long and successful way to be among the leaders of the jewelry industry. The company was founded by Bill and Roberta Zimmer. The history of a successful company began with one store in North Carolina.

According to many experts, the history of this company is a real example of American success. This retailer has become an example for many novice jewelers. Today, the company has grown from one small store into a global brand, the company provides many services, remaining examples of a family business.

As always, it is in family companies that the most respectful and attentive attitude to customers is. It is family companies that the vast majority of Americans prefer. Today, the company has stores in 13 states of America and a huge, successful, and profitable online store. Many advised the company not to start working in e-commerce. Still, the company’s executives decided to open an online store and were right: profits increased significantly, and customers were happy to use the new site. In many ways, the success of the Internet business is because the company has earned a good reputation.

Representatives of the company often say that the first place for them is customer care. “We strive to make every customer feel like a family member,” they say.

The company tries to adhere to its special style and pay maximum attention to the quality of products. The founder of the company likes to talk in his interviews about relationships with customers.

“I made a lot of mistakes and learned from my mistakes. The main conclusion I made is never, under any circumstances, argue with the buyer. Never! It is very important to do the right thing towards people, and not just think about your profit,” says Bill.

The same Bill system will always be applied to both employees and suppliers. Human relationships have always been more important to Bill than money. This philosophy is passed down in Bill’s family from generation to generation. As practice shows, this system is very effective and successful.

When Bill first started his business, he greeted every customer at the door of his store with a smile, he also remembered the name of each customer, although the number of customers grew day by day.

The REEDS store was one of the first that started working until late in the evening and did not close during the day. This was done for customers who work during the day and can only go shopping in the evening. Today, every employee of the company tries to conform to the philosophy of the founder of the company and treat customers the way Bill did.

To date, the company offers a large selection of jewelry, collectibles, watches, and the brand’s jewelers also make jewelry according to individual orders. The assortment includes products with diamonds and other precious stones, as well as a large selection of metals, including gold and silver. The company offers the best products of leading designer brands with great attention to each product that is put up for sale. The price of jewelry is different: from cheap goods to very expensive.

Among the brands that can be found on the company’s website are PANDORA, and Swarovski, there are also products from David Yurman, Tag Heuer, Omega, Michele, and others. The company is an official distributor and operates according to the law.

Today, REEDS is also an authorized distributor of Gucci, Movado, and Rolex.

Each product is checked by the company’s specialists 3 or three times before being put up for sale.

Recently, the company has been paying special attention to the recruitment of employees and additional training of its specialists. Special attention is paid to the employees of the sales department, they are taught many aspects of gemology so that they can communicate with customers on a professional level.

The training program for the company’s employees consists of a course from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

REEDS Pros and Cons


  • Many years of experience in the field of jewelry
  • A large selection of brands and jewelry
  • Large price range
  • Good work of the support service


  • Customers consider the prices of some products to be too high
  • Sometimes there are delays in delivery
  • There is no delivery of goods to several countries

Is REEDS jewelry good?

Yes, undoubtedly the company sells good jewelry. Just look at the list of brands that are presented on the website and in stores. There are brands for every taste. Many styles, excellent repeatedly tested quality. Buyers do not complain about the choice, on the contrary, they praise the company more and more every year. At the moment, the company represents almost all categories of jewelry from rings to brooches. Also in the range, there are luxury watches such as Rolex and other accessories. It cannot be said that any of the directions is developing more actively. The company has professionally developed an optimal system for uniform accents in all areas of activity.

The website interface is designed so that it is very convenient for customers to search for what they need. a piece of jewelry. For example, each category is divided by specific topics. Even rings can be hiccuped in different directions and categories:

  • Engagement
  • Wedding
  • Promise
  • Fashion
  • Class Rings
  • Personalized Rings

Earrings also feature a large selection of styles and trends. Unlike many competitors, whose earrings are a “weak” direction, this company offers a very good choice:

Diamond Stud Earrings

  • Hoops
  • Drops
  • Studs
  • All Earrings
  • Diamond Stud Education

Many customers often write in the comments that the online store not only offers a good choice but can also arrange a variety of jewelry. This is also of great importance, because if the buyer is uncomfortable looking for the product, then he will simply go to another website.

If we talk about the brands that the company represents, there are a lot of them. Here are just some of them:

  • Alison & Ivy
  • Bulova Jewelry
  • David Yurman
  • Doves by Doron Paloma
  • Effy
  • Enchanted Disney
  • Enchanted Disney Vault
  • Forevermark
  • Gucci
  • Hallmark Diamonds
  • Hugo Boss

The collections of the online store are constantly replenished and the company’s managers follow the latest fashion trends to select only the most popular and high-quality jewelry.

REEDS Collections

The online store offers its customers several exclusive thematic collections. These collections occupy high positions in the ratings among both buyers and experts. We are talking about such collections as:

  • Downton Abbey by REEDS Jewelers
  • Push Lock Collection
  • Birthstone
  • Religious
  • Gold Jewelry
  • Pearl
  • Sports & Collegiate
  • All Class and Military Jewelry
  • Family Jewelry
  • Paperclip Jewelry
  • Charm Bracelets & Charms

If we talk about the popularity rating of collections, the first place is undoubtedly occupied by Downton Abbey. The collection reflects the mood and spirit of the famous work. The collection is imbued with the spirit of high society, intellectuals, and sophistication. By the way, it is this collection that buyers call “the most elegant”.This collection was created directly by REEDS jewelers. Each piece of jewelry from this collection reflects the mood characteristic of Downton, but at the same time perfectly harmonizes with modern fashion trends.

This collection is the envy of many competitors and has rave reviews from experts. However, the collection called PUSH LOCK has also not lagged in popularity lately. This collection includes chains and pendants. The designers did a good job because not all companies sell these product lines very well. However, this online store succeeds in selling jewelry from the collection of chains. Also worth noting is a collection of jewelry with a religious theme. It is no secret that jewelry in this direction has always found its buyer and was actively sold not only in America but also abroad.

The collection mainly includes crosses made of different materials and with different stones, there are also crosses with diamonds, which of course affects the price. Also in this collection, there are various medallions with images of angels or with inscriptions about religious holidays.

The collection of gold products presented by the company’s jewelers is also worthy of attention. The collection is not very large, necklaces are the leaders in the number of goods. There are not many rings, but they are beautiful and unusual.

This is especially true for male models: you can read a lot of positive comments about these rings on the web. Often buyers offer in their comments to increase the number of rings sold in this category of goods.

One more popular collection is bright, unusual, and beloved by many collections is a Family one. Contrary to expectations, this is not a classic selection of traditional jewelry. This collation presents bright, unusual models that can please every family member.

Jewelry is of very good quality. On the topic of quality on the web, you can read a lot of positive comments.

In addition to the collections of its jewelers, the company of course also offers collections of world-famous brands. Very well-sold collections

  • ECONIC Diamond
  • Ellaura

For example, the collection of ECONIC Diamond is quite expensive. But this is natural because there are high-quality diamonds in jewelry.

The style and design of the products of this collection differ from many standard designs On the one hand you are sitting classic rings, on the other hand – each of them has its unusual detail that attracts the attention of buyers.

This collection has

  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets

Most of all in terms of the number of rings, by the way, the greatest demand is also observed for rings. In general, the collections that the store offers are highly appreciated by customers.

Is REEDS good for engagement rings?

This is a very popular category. Rings in this category are constantly updated, and this area is given increased attention. On the website, customers are offered to choose a ring by style, stone, or material.

Undoubtedly, in this category, you can find very bright and spectacular ring models.

Representatives of the company are sure that an engagement ring is something more than just another piece of jewelry. It is a symbol of commitment, designed to demonstrate your feelings to the rest of the world. The wedding rings that this company sells are not just a tribute to tradition, but also an opportunity to always wear a beautiful ring that perfectly harmonizes with any style.

The company’s specialists are always ready to answer all customers’ questions about wedding rings, they are always willing to help customers choose the right stone, the right material, and even the right style.

Wedding rings that are pinned down on this site emphasize individuality very well and are designed for different ages, for different women.

The website offers customers a very wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles, which means that you will be able to find what you need. About 80 percent of people who visit the site eventually find what they are interested.

The site offers a lot of interesting products made of white gold or wedding rings made of rose gold.

There are many oval or pear-shaped models.

Representatives of the company help to choose the ring very carefully. The only thing that is tedious for you is the exact size of the ring, which the rest of the professional consultants of the company will take care of.

REEDS Payments

The online store accepts leading credit and debit cards for payment. Discounts and installment payments for most products are offered, as a rule, in the company’s regular stores, but not online. All transactions that are carried out on the web page are legal and protected with the help of the latest security programs. Important! You can use Bitcoin to buy all the company’s jewelry.

The company also offers gold bars and loose diamonds on the website REEDS.com for those who want to diversify their bitcoin assets.

REEDS Delivery

The delivery time will depend on the method you have chosen. On the page when buying the product, you will be offered several options, such as the standard method, express delivery, and other options. The standard delivery method – the deadline is a maximum of a week from the moment of placing the order. Express delivery takes 2 days. You can also arrange delivery in 1 day.

REEDS Return Policy

According to the company’s rules, you have the right to return the products within 30 days of receipt. Of course, only if the product is in its original form and without damage.Important! The return policy may vary depending on the purchased product, therefore it is better to check all the details with the support service before making a refund.

REEDS customer service

Representatives of the company’s support service promptly and efficiently solve all issues. This is how most customers respond to the support service. You can contact the support representatives as follows: at (877) 406-3266, or send an email to service@reeds.com. If you have written an email, the response may not be received instantly, you may receive an answer within one or 2 days. There is also an interactive chat on the site where you can ask questions to representatives of the company.

Q Why does REEDS require an adult signature for delivery?

This requirement is introduced for security purposes and to avoid fraud.

Q Do you ship internationally?

No. International delivery is temporarily not possible.