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Love the jewelry

4.0/ 5

My wedding ring was from this brand. I was very happy: the ring is perfect, I still love this piece of jewelry very much. However, my experience of buying a bracelet was not so successful. I liked the bracelet in the photo. Unfortunately, I did not use the function of receiving the goods in the store and risked receiving the goods immediately by mail. Unfortunately, one link in the bracelet was smaller than the others, it was a manufacturing defect. Yes, I know that in this company less than one percent of customers face such problems. But it was me who was unlucky. Fortunately, the company’s employees returned the money for the bracelet to me without any questions.

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Luxurious products

5.0/ 5

I like diamonds and all diamond jewelry. I can call myself a professional diamond buyer because I often buy rings and necklaces. I used to be a fan of only the James Allen brand. I thought that I would never buy products from another brand. However, when I first looked at the rings from Ritani, I was struck by the design. Incredibly successful combinations. When I put on a ring of this brand, all my friends admiringly asked what kind of brand it was and where I bought this ring. The products of this brand look luxurious. I can say that even the simplest image and style will look luxurious if it is supplemented with a ring of this brand. I recommend this store to friends and acquaintances, a good brand.

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Very good quality

5.0/ 5

On my birthday, I received earrings from this brand as a gift. They were elegant drop earrings, very beautiful. Small diamonds looked great on the product. Then I decided that the ring at my wedding should also be from this brand. My fiance insisted on another brand and said that Ritani had little experience in jewelry. He offered me companies with about a hundred years of experience. But I insisted on my own and in the end, we purchased magnificent wedding rings on the website. When we received these rings, my fiance said that I was right and the quality of the products is very good. More than a year has passed since the purchase, and the rings look like new, with no signs of wear and tear Excellent company. I advise everyone.

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1 Reviews

High prices and simple models

3.0/ 5

I believe that that online store offers very high prices. They say that they give a guarantee of the lowest price. That’s not true. I called them when I found similar products on other sites at a lower price, do you think there was a result? There was no result. The lowest price guarantee is just an advertisement, a trick to attract the attention of buyers. I also think that the collection of men’s rings by this brand is terrible. Yes, these rings cannot be called a collection. Because it’s just plagiarism of other famous brands. I can’t find anything I like on this site. A lot of advertising, a lot of beautiful words, a lot of promises, and as a result only high prices and simple models.

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1 Reviews

A very small selection of silver jewelry

4.0/ 5

Even though that company undoubtedly sells quality products, I see several negative sides. For example, a very small selection of silver jewelry. Of course, I understand that the main focus in the work of this company is on wedding rings, but if you sell other products, then pay enough attention to them. I believe that if a company cannot pay enough attention to other areas, then it is not worth selling bracelets and necklaces. There are shortcomings in these areas. In other words, no one is engaged in these areas of work. There are no products at all on the site in some categories, for example, in the category “Gifts for anniversaries”. It seems to me that this company should deal only with diamonds and wedding rings.

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Best Ritani Reviews and FAQs: Is Ritani Legit and Trustworthy?

What is Ritani?

This company is one of the largest sellers of diamond jewelry. Everything is changing in the world: fashion, politics, mood, but not the attitude to diamonds. Diamonds hundreds of years ago were at the height of fame and remain there. The popularity of diamonds is an unchanging condition.

Many companies have focused their activities on the trade of diamond products. However, it is not enough just to find and sell a beautiful diamond. Product design plays an important role.

Even though Ritani does not have a huge experience in the jewelry market, the company has achieved very great success. The company has been working on the market since 2012, for jewelers this is a short time. As you know, veterans are those who have been working for more than 50 years in the market.

Nevertheless, Ritani quickly built a good reputation for himself all over the world. Initially, Ritani belonged to the Julius Klein Group, but then the owner of the company changed. This did not affect the company’s activities because the director was not replaced, he was left with Brian Watkins, who skillfully manages all areas of the company’s activities.

The work of the online company was very productive. Of course, every effort was made to do this. To achieve success in the online field, many specialists in different industries worked.

Ritani actively and wherever possible advertises its diamonds. Representatives of the company often say that many of the diamonds presented on our website are part of an exclusive inventory. At the same time, some of the precious stones are sold from suppliers. Nevertheless, each supplier is carefully checked and each stone passes numerous quality checks.

The company pays a lot of attention to the attitude towards customers and the formation of the customer base. Therefore, not only support service operators always come to the aid of customers, but also gemologists who will be able to tell them all the details and the stone and choose the right one.

Prices for diamonds are in different ranges. Sometimes, when compared with competing companies, prices may be slightly higher. The company’s specialists claim that they carefully break down the actual cost of each diamond, the cost of delivery and processing, and the final profit.

Representatives of the company are confident that they offer their customers an optimal pricing policy.

The company offers customers a guarantee of the optimal value of the diamond. If you find the same diamond at a lower price on another site, you can inform Ritani about it and they will help you find a similar diamond at a more affordable price.

A distinctive feature of Ritani is the so-called “clicks and bricks” sales model. As a result of this scheme, you choose a product on the website and then send it to the nearest store. Thus, you can feel both the pleasure of online sales and shopping in the store At the same time, besides in the store you can try on the product, which is a big plus.

The company also sells loose diamonds, the value of which is approximately at the level of the James Allen company.

It is worth noting that the company is constantly developing and there are constant innovations. This applies to all areas of work: design, security, and technological equipment of the site. The company is trying to develop in all directions because there are a lot of competitors, and even a small omission can cause a loss of rating.

To date, the rating of the company is very good. No one doubts the quality of the diamonds that are sold on the site and most customers like the proposed design.

Reviews from the company have been getting better and better lately. A big role in this was played by new directions in management, where the emphasis is also on social networks, and on the popularization of the brand among young people and abroad.

Experts believe that the company is moving in the right direction and will be able to further increase its sales if it pays the same attention to the quality of jewelry.

What are the Pros and Cons of Ritani?


  • Diamonds for every taste
  • Convenient refund system
  • There are many exclusive models
  • A good selection of wedding rings
  • Prompt delivery
  • Best Price Guarantee


  • Some customers call the prices too high

Is Ritani jewelry good?

Of course, each client has his idea of good jewelry. This happens because each age category and social class has its specific preferences regarding style and design. If we talk about quality, then the quality of jewelry of this brand is good.

Also, jewelers work well on small details in products: there are no problems with clamps and locks, the links hold well and the stones do not fall out. The quality of metals and stones also fully corresponds to the price of the products.

So, at the moment, the company’s website offers customers jewelry that is divided into two categories: diamond jewelry and fashion jewelry. The same set of products is presented in both categories.

Here are the following categories offered by Ritani:

  • Earrings
  • Necklaces & Pendants
  • Bracelets
  • Rings

Representatives of the company claim that the design of the product is unique. They write about this on the website. Indeed, many products look very unusual.

Although, it is difficult to talk about the originality of the design when we see, for example, stud earrings.

In this model, uniqueness can manifest itself only in the diamond, shape, and cut of the stone. Diamonds, as we wrote above, are the main direction of the company’s work, therefore it is fashionable not to doubt the quality of stones.

It is noteworthy that the price of jewelry is displayed in the currency of the country in which you are currently located. For example, when you are in Turkey, you see the price in Turkish lira. By the way, Turkey is one of the countries whose residents are very actively buying products of this brand online.

By the way, designers worked hard on the design of drop earrings and these diamond products turned out to be very original. At least that’s what many buyers think and write about it in the comments.

The company’s designers can perfectly design products with small stones. It’s no secret that the ability to handle small stones is a problem for designers of many companies. Products with small stones are either too saturated or too concise. Ritani designers have no such problem.

It is worth noting that the company has a very well-developed category of “Rings”. This direction is one of the main ones for many companies and Ritoni is no exception.

The rings that Ritani offers are very popular. This applies to both rings with and without diamonds. If we talk about the metals that are used in the production of rings, then it is white, yellow, and rose gold. There are no silver rings on the site at the moment.

The gold that the company uses is highly valued by experts.

Nevertheless, silver is used in the work of the brand. For example, there are many silver bracelets in the assortment.

It is worth noting that sometimes buyers are faced with the fact that the model is displayed on the website, but it is not available. Representatives of the company recently told us why this is happening. The fact is that some products on the site are suppliers’ products and they are displayed not only on the Ritani website.

If there is no necessary model in stock, the support service will contact customers and offer a similar replacement or give an estimated date when the model will be available.

Are Ritani Diamonds good?

The company sells both mined and laboratory diamonds. Both categories are popular among buyers, both categories feature very high-quality products.

The site presents such diamonds as:

  • Round
  • Cushion
  • Princess
  • Asscher
  • Oval
  • Emerald
  • Radiant
  • Heart
  • Pear
  • Marquise

On the site, you have the opportunity to carefully study the diamonds, as well as select a boring stone with the help of many filters. You can choose according to the carat, price, shape, color, and cut. The company offers a very convenient system for finding the right stone, customers often write about it in the comments.

The diamonds that the company sells are certified.

Also on the site, there is an interesting and very popular feature called “Compare diamonds”. The buyer is invited to compare several stones to see the advantages and differences. This feature greatly simplifies the selection.

By the way, some diamonds glow blue or green when they are exposed to ultraviolet light. Since fluorescence is rarely visible, it has minimal effect on the appearance of your diamond. On the website, you can use a convenient filter to select the optimal fluorescence.

It is worth noting that recently companies, following the example of some of their competitors, have been actively advertising laboratory diamonds.

Among some reasons is the issue of ecology, many consider the laboratory method to be more environmentally friendly.

The diamond grown in the laboratory is tested by analogy with mined ones. The stone is checked using a diamond detector. It is important to understand that the stone grown in the laboratory does not imitate diamond-like cubic zirconia or moissanite. This is a diamond simply grown in other conditions.

Like diamonds grown on earth, these stones have a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale. Their durability is in no way inferior to diamonds that have been grown in the ground. One of the advantages of these stones is the presence of unusual color schemes.

Ritani Reviews: Is Ritani good for engagement rings?

On the website, you can find a variety of engagement rings. Undoubtedly, the ring of this brand is a good option. Because there is an optimal ratio of price, quality, and different designs. The design is for every taste. Fans of classics will be able to find an option for themselves, as well as fans of new fashion trends.

Often there are some disputes regarding the design of these rings. Sometimes clients write that the design of rings does not change over the years and designers are too lazy to create new fashion models. However, most of the reviews are still positive and engagement rings are being sold very actively.

The most popular in the category of wedding rings on this site are:

  • White Gold Engagement Rings
  • Yellow Gold Engagement Rings
  • 1 Carat Engagement Rings
  • 1.5 Carat Engagement Rings
  • 2 Carat Engagement Rings

All the diamonds that are used in the creation of these rings are from conflict-free zones. Recently, there has been a trend: pink gold is increasingly replacing the traditional yellow gold. Yes, it is rose gold that now occupies the top lines in the bestseller list.

The site also has a very convenient function with which buyers can model the ring themselves. You can adjust the product according to the shape of the metal and other parameters. You can take a ready-made design as a basis or discuss your new ideas with a jeweler.

The site offers both female and male models.

Male models in the last few months have received much more positive reviews than before. This is because the company’s management decided to pay more attention to the male direction. The idea turned out to be very successful because the number of sales increased.

Ritani Reviews: Is Ritani good for gifts?

The company’s website presents a fairly wide selection of gifts.

They are divided into two categories: anniversary gifts and wedding gifts. Both categories are systematically updated. Designers follow the trends and wishes of customers. However, unfortunately, sometimes these categories are inactive, goods are quickly sold out and gift sets are not always available.

For example, as of the summer of 2022, there are no products in the “Anniversary Gifts” category. In the category of wedding gifts, the situation is much better. There are interesting models of necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry available. At the moment, there are more than 300 different interesting product options in this category.

There is a small problem with bracelets: there are not enough of them. Many customers believe that this is an omission on the part of the company: after all, the demand for bracelets is constantly growing. Indeed, analysts confirm that bracelets are becoming leaders as the best jewelry as a gift.

Ritani Payments

You can pay for your purchase not only with traditional debit and credit cards but also with the help of some financing programs. The company offers its customers several ways to pay for goods in installments, including with the help of Klarna.

You can find out detailed information by calling the support service. All transactions that are made on the site are protected and secure.

What is the Return Policy of Ritani?

Like most large jewelry companies, this brand offers its customers a very convenient product return system. As a rule, there are no problems with this area of activity. Customers often write on social networks that the company’s representatives are always very polite and never ask many questions about the refund.

So, the company allows you to return the goods within 30 days from the moment of placing the order. This is a standard scheme adopted by most companies.

To start the refund process, you need to call customer support. After you inform the support service of your intention to return the product, you will receive a 2-day FedEx return label in the next 48 hours.

The company also sends you simple packing instructions. We also advise you to familiarize yourself with the rules that are on the company’s web page: the goods that you return must be in the same condition in which you received them. Each customer can return the product no more than 2 times a year.

Ritani Warranty

The warranty for manufacturing defects is valid only for wedding rings. The warranty is automatically canceled if maintenance, repairs, or any other services are performed by anyone other than Ritani. Approval must be obtained by customer service and one of our customer service representatives will make an appointment for repairs in the store.

It is recommended to activate the warranty within 45 days from the date of purchase. If the company’s specialists have confirmed the presence of a manufacturing defect, the delivery of the goods for repair is paid for by the company.

Ritani Customer Service

The employees of the support service of this company professionally answer the questions of customers. Clients often write an email to Ritani’s support service operators. Their customer service uses an individual approach for each of their customers and always shows patience and responsiveness.

So, to contact the support service, you can use their contact details, as follows

The support service is closed on Saturday, and on Sunday you can contact the company’s representatives from 12 to 19. You can expect a reply from Ritani within a day.

Does Ritani Diamonds have social media accounts?

Ritani can also be seen on some social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter). Feel free to check out their pages using your preferred social media platform for news and latest updates.

Lastly, check Ritani’s blog on jewelry education where they post different articles about jewelry.

Q Are Ritani diamonds real?

Yes, all diamonds are real and this is confirmed by certificates.

Q Can my order be delivered internationally?

Yes. The list of countries is constantly updated, so you can contact the support service to find out the details of the delivery to your country.